Winter is quietly coming! Flowers are still flourishing in full bloom as usual.
Enchanting camellia, elegant chrysanthemum and proud plum are telling their own stories. These flowers blooming in the cold weather are created from gemstones. With them in winter, it is as sunny and bright as spring.
Chanel Camellia Ring
Chanel Camellia Ring Series
Lily Cluster Diamond Hairpin Series from Harry Winston
Lily Cluster Diamond Hairpin Series from Harry Winston
There is no transparent flower in the world. However, the flowers inlaid with diamond have beyond earthly imagination. Van Cleef & Arpels is always a master in this field. Flower jewelry inspired by the shape of flowers from all around the world is gorgeous and stunning. This time, it launched snowflake-shaped jewelry, a symbol of one beautiful scene of nature. The snowflake falling on the earth is full of poetic feeling. Harry Winston with a name of “King of Diamond” introduced flower jewelry of Lily series. The simple and abstract style is more suitable for daily wearing. This set of jewelry Cluster inlaid design is the brand’s exclusive technology. During the process of inlaying, it tried to reduce the show of platinum base as much as possible so that the diamond is as if suspending in the air, presenting the most pure and perfect light of diamond. Chanel’s latest camellia also used white diamond to express which is beautiful and elegant and has another kind of special feeling.

Piaget Diamond Necklace
Piaget Diamond Necklace of Limelight Garden Party Series

Water lilies come out from clear water with natural carving beauty. Water lily is born with beauty. Even without carving, it is enough fascinating. Every jewelry master has their own flower preference. Thus, flower-shaped jewelry presents different colors on their hands.
The same camellia, designer Anna Hu’s works are more tender and appealing. The petals inlaid with ruby are just like woman’s lips, sexy and charming. Chopard’s daisies inlaid with multicolored gems and diamonds have another kind of special elegant charms. After polishing, the light reflected by multicolored gems is more brilliant. Tiffany, this jewelry master is good at picking inspirations from nature. The flower-shaped jewelry designed by Jean Schlumberger who is regarded as poet of jewelry, has naturally become the classic and is of high collection value.

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