The Olympics boom raised by the 2012 London Olympic Games in the fashion industry more than is not only reflected in the new season fashion that designers have launched with the inspirations of “England” and “movement”, but also the popularity of the sports wind elements which is represented by striped products. Now, under the circumstance that the whole people are discussing the Olympic, cleverly using striped elements to dress up the self is undoubtedly the smartest choice that matches the occasion.

Striped Wind

Vivienne Westwood’s red, white and blue striped T-shirt cleverly combines British wind with stripes, which turns many heads. Juicy Couture’s striped dress with shoulder-straps is filled with youthful blood, regardless of the color or the design. Stripes products of Boy by Band of Outsiders are throughout from dresses and T-shirts to skirts. A wrap dress from Victoria Beckham brand can help you have striped attire for attending formal occasions.

Striped Trendsetter

Trendsetters Demonstrate Striped Outfit

Striped Pajamas

Equipment Striped pajamas

Striped Bust Skirt

Striped half-length skirt of Boy by Band of Outsiders

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This year, the snake-shape jewelry is bursting with great popularity. Weather the soft winding shape or the vivid demeanor, all add vitality to jewelry. Even with snake-shape elements, different jewelry design and materials will bring different visual effect. Some are sexy and charming while some are cute and lovely and some are fashion and modern.

Dior Antique Jewelry Ring
Dior Antique Jewelry Ring
Dior Antique Jewelry Earrings
Dior Antique Jewelry Earrings
These two pieces of Dior advanced jewelry could be worn at the same time. The design of earrings and rings are quite clever. The snake elements blend perfectly with other elements. The shape of snake is winding. The head and tail of snake are inlaid with white diamonds. The eyes are set with red and purple gemstones.

Artemis Necklace
Artemis Necklace
Artemis necklace is composed of a snake. Carved serpentinites are vivid. Imagine the fashion sense of snake wrapped around the neck.

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Winter is quietly coming! Flowers are still flourishing in full bloom as usual.
Enchanting camellia, elegant chrysanthemum and proud plum are telling their own stories. These flowers blooming in the cold weather are created from gemstones. With them in winter, it is as sunny and bright as spring.
Chanel Camellia Ring
Chanel Camellia Ring Series
Lily Cluster Diamond Hairpin Series from Harry Winston
Lily Cluster Diamond Hairpin Series from Harry Winston
There is no transparent flower in the world. However, the flowers inlaid with diamond have beyond earthly imagination. Van Cleef & Arpels is always a master in this field. Flower jewelry inspired by the shape of flowers from all around the world is gorgeous and stunning. This time, it launched snowflake-shaped jewelry, a symbol of one beautiful scene of nature. The snowflake falling on the earth is full of poetic feeling. Harry Winston with a name of “King of Diamond” introduced flower jewelry of Lily series. The simple and abstract style is more suitable for daily wearing. This set of jewelry Cluster inlaid design is the brand’s exclusive technology. During the process of inlaying, it tried to reduce the show of platinum base as much as possible so that the diamond is as if suspending in the air, presenting the most pure and perfect light of diamond. Chanel’s latest camellia also used white diamond to express which is beautiful and elegant and has another kind of special feeling.

Piaget Diamond Necklace
Piaget Diamond Necklace of Limelight Garden Party Series

Water lilies come out from clear water with natural carving beauty. Water lily is born with beauty. Even without carving, it is enough fascinating. Every jewelry master has their own flower preference. Thus, flower-shaped jewelry presents different colors on their hands.
The same camellia, designer Anna Hu’s works are more tender and appealing. The petals inlaid with ruby are just like woman’s lips, sexy and charming. Chopard’s daisies inlaid with multicolored gems and diamonds have another kind of special elegant charms. After polishing, the light reflected by multicolored gems is more brilliant. Tiffany, this jewelry master is good at picking inspirations from nature. The flower-shaped jewelry designed by Jean Schlumberger who is regarded as poet of jewelry, has naturally become the classic and is of high collection value.

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-Do you love me?
– I love you.
– How much?
– Very much.

Yestar Fine Ring Series

A simple and pure love, a dependency and understanding mood, a lovely moment are very fine. The moon old man use red string make the two people who not know each other love together, then determined to spend the rest of life together, creating their own happiness. In the fast rhythm of modern society, as for couples who work for the dream, live together and struggle is happiness. Small happiness is better sweet after occasionally quarrel. Small happiness likes a fresh flower on the roadside and like haggle over price for daily products. Small happiness is expressed the determination and deep love for each other.
You can find an expression for the true love and add a moving passion for life. Yestar Company launched the fine ring series. At first put forward the concept of “small fraction” and the logos of relaxing love. Design inspiration for this series comes from the people with life in the urban pursuit to relax love. The product is highlighting the characteristics of the small diamond and gold light. The product has soft lines and match with harmony. The designers will concentrate and focus injected into each product and they are committed to the trust of consumers. If you want to read the rest of this article,welcome to visit Yestar Fine Ring Series.

Colorful jewelry and accessory in 2011 include the colorful necklace, metallic layers bracelet, vintage ring and so on. In the modern society, many celebrities are busying finding the luxurious jewelry to decorate with their clothing. Then let’s have a look at the jewelry.

Malandrino Necklace

Malandrino Necklace
Review of the popular big accessories in 2011, we can find jewelry with bright materials, complex patterns, perfect cut and trendy design. The jewelry accessories this season are stunning.

Malandrino Summer Necklace

Malandrino Summer Necklace
Malandrino Jewelry is so overwhelming in the spring and summer jewelry shows 2011. Malandrino Jewelry has its biggest advantage of suitable to be worn with different clothing no matter from colors or patterns.

Christian Dior, Ethnic Style Necklace

Emporio Armani Necklace

Moschino and Emporio Armani Necklace
For this more moderate version, you can also try the more classical and traditional styles of clothing. Jewelry like these are so classic and produce a ethnic and exotic look.If you want to read the rest of this article,welcome to visit 2011Colorful Jewelry and Accessory Trends.

BVLGARI is the biggest Italian jewelry brand. Its founder is not an Italian, but a Greek. The BVLGARI family is silversmith for generations. In order to avoid war, Georgis Boulgaris took his son Sotirios and left home to Italy for a better living. Sotirios was the sole survivor of 11 children in the family. And it is he who founded the first Bulgari silverware store in the spring of 1884 in Rome. The store in 85 Via Sistina was the starting point of BVLGARI. Since then, BVLGARI has run successfully and now has a long history of 125 years.

BVLGARI Gold Jewelry

BVLGARI logo with the Roman letter V replaced the modern version U
This very business-minded Greeks fell in love with Rome, and changed the Greece name to the Italian version, Sotirio Bulgari. Later, the company logo was changed into BVLGARI, Roman letter V instead of the modern version of U. The company was changed into a completely Italian company.

BVLGARI Gold Jewelry

BVLGARI set Roman coins into jewelry
As the Italian Jewelry store, BVLGARI set the eighteenth-century neo-classical Roman coins into jewelry.If you want to read the rest of this article,welcome to visit BVLGARI Gold Jewelry.

Navy style is very popular this year. What we want is not only luxurious enjoyment, but also pursuit of freedom. Yves Saint Laurent uses innovative and unique fashion style of left bank of Paris to create colorful, elegant and romantic YSL era. Certainly, YSL bag in prevalent navy style will bring you enjoyment.

YSL Bag Series in Popular Navy Style

YSL has forward and classical style. However, it boldly integrates elements of art and culture into the design. Inspired by present popular navy style, YSL designed a series of handbags. Numerous girls are crazy about them.
YSL designed the cable ropes dressed by navy armies into patterns on the bags, which are eye-catching and cool. Red matched with blue is of obvious navy style. What’s more interesting, there are two hooks on the chain, which remind people of anchors on the ship. All these bags are colorful yet very dynamic.

YSL Bag Series in Popular Navy Style

The details of this bag are of sailor style. Patterns of anchor and wheels could be seen everywhere on this bag. Strip patterns interpret the immortal soul of sea. The difference is that red has been replaced by yellow. Yellow, white and blue plays the role of modern sailors.

YSL Bag Series in Popular Navy Style

This YSL handbag pays much attention on colors. Red, white and blue becomes the main elements of navy style. YSL makes people feel complete navy style with its classic simple style, which is also the charm of YSL.If you want to read the rest of this article,welcome to visit YSL Bag Series in Popular Navy Style.